Mt Hollywood Trail: Los Angeles, CA


So I moved to LA in July to try living in a new environment and also exploring my options for places to work. I got lucky with placements for both my rotations in LA and decided to make the move. It’s been 6 months now and I have to say I love it. Yes traffic and parking are VERY ANNOYING but it’s doable when you have so much to do all the time. For the month of August 2017, I decided to do a solo hike. Now solo hikes can go two ways: dangerous because you can get lost or rewarding because you motivated yourself to get through it. My solo hike was definitely rewarding. Yes I could’ve texted someone to come with me but for some reason that morning I told myself I could make it out there on my own. This trail leads to the Hollywood sign but I was way too tired and enjoying myself that I decided not to pull out my phone and continue my hike. This picture right here is at ‘Dante’s Point’ that features a nice garden with the view of the observatory. I also have to say most of this hike was all incline once you get past a certain bridge. There was no one else around to tell me to keep going, no one else to push me when I wanted to stop and the beautiful part was that I was able to do it all on my own and at my own time. Writing about this trail actually makes me want to go back and hike this trail solo again. I mean it is a good way to start my hikes of the year again!

August 2017

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